Deanna, Receptionist

Deanna joined our team in late 2021 and her position is receptionist at the moment. She may be new to our clinic but with her mom being Mindy, she definitely isn’t new to veterinary medicine. Deanna’s favorite part of her job is that she feels like she has a true passion for helping others. She loves animals, and she finds that getting to see the happiness they bring their owners is very rewarding! Working in veterinary medicine is also very exciting as there is never a dull moment!
Her own family includes her 3 children and her husband, as well as all her fur babies - her 4 cats Bella, Pikachu, Rocky and Sketch.

Sarah, RVT

Sarah joined our team early in 2021 as a licensed technician. She has worked in other clinics and we are glad to have her as part of our team. She’s been a tremendous asset and always willing to fill in when needed and come in on off days or after hours to care for sick or injured pets. Sarah’s fur family consists of Chunk and Spot.
Her favorite part of her job includes helping fur babies take care of what they can't naturally take care of themselves. Sarah is also an excellent client educator regarding preventative medicine and can answer just about any question clients may have.

Talana, Kennel Assistant

Talana joined our team in 2021 as kennel attendant while also attending school to become a certified veterinary assistant. Her pets are Daisy, Mazie, Bingo, Abbie, Lucy, and Sassy.
Talana’s favorite part of working at the clinic is that she just loves helping animals. She always told her family that she felt that God put her here to help take care of those who couldn’t speak for themselves.
Talana has 2 (soon to be 3) human children as well as a husband and has taken the job of cleaning our kennels to a new level to make sure all our boarders are well cared for in clean and well kept runs.

Kenzie, Kennel Assistant

Kenzie was a client who liked us so much she decided she wanted to work for us. She is currently primarily in kennels but she is beginning the process of being trained up to assistant like Caitlin has been. Kenzie is a hard worker with a soft heart for all animals and it shows. Kenzie’s favorite part of working with your pets is getting to work with animals all day and pursue her passion and dream whilst helping the sick and injured.
Kenzie’s own fur family includes Dash, Bella, and Simba.

Mindy Rice
Lynsey Stevens

Mindy, Office manager
Mindy joined the staff at Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in July, 2016 and was promoted to office manager in 2021. She lives with her husband and many pets, including geese and dogs.  Prior to joining LCAH, s
he worked at a practice near Danville for over 10 years and was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the past.
She is originally from the Netherlands and speaks up to 5 languages. She moved to the states almost 30 years ago and considers this her home. ​    

Lynsey, Veterinary Assistant
Lynsey joined the staff at Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in September of 2011 while she was still a high school student at Southwestern.  During her time there she volunteered with the raptor rehabilitation center where she helped treat and rehabilitate injured raptors, such as eagles and owls and hawks.  After graduation she attended Kentucky State University for a couple of years before transferring to Somerset Community College.  She has several dogs but her primary companion is Sophie, who is a certified therapy dog and a member of the Love on a Leash program.  While Lynsey started working in our kennels, she is also trained to assist up front in reception as well as assisting the doctors during exams.  You may see her in any part of our hospital.  


Alexis, Reception

​Alexis joined Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in August of 2020 while still in high school. Alexis had always wanted to be a veterinarian but due to some health conditions she was unable to fulfill that dream. LCAH has given her the opportunity to continue in the field she loves but in a different area. You’ll find Alexis and her trusted service dog Daisy in reception ready to assist you and your pets needs. Alexis enjoys learning new things in the veterinarian medicine world. Her hobbies outside of work are embroidering, spending time with family and Daisy, easy hikes, and going to local events. 

Caitlin, Veterinary Assistant

Caitlin joined Lake Cumberland in 2020. She has previous experience as a kennel assistant and a passion for growing that experience.  She is now trained as a veterinary assistant and enrolled in online school to become a certified veterinary technician.  She can also be seen in the clinic reception area helping occasionally.  When not at the clinic, Caitlin enjoys many hobbies such as crafting jewelry, hiking, and roller skating. 

Lake Cumberland

Animal Hospital

Melinda, RVT

Melinda joined Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in October 2020. She and her husband, Steve, were born and raised in San Francisco.  In 1988 she moved to Nevada County, California, and then in October 2020 she relocated here to Somerset.

Melinda has been a registered veterinary technician since 1981 and for the 3 years prior to joining LCAH she worked as a relief veterinary technician in Grass Valley, California.

At LCAH she enjoys working as a team member with her doctors and fellow staff members promoting high quality veterinary care for her patients, and educating her clients. 

In her spare time Melinda enjoys riding motorcycles and traveling in her RV with her husband and fur babies, as well as cooking, gardening, and archery. 


Holly, Kennel Assistant

Holly joined our practice in 2021as a kennel attendant. Her favorite thing about working in veterinary medicine is being able to help the animals as much as possible and being able with to learn everything about their bodies, diseases, and their sicknesses to better prepare her for the future when she does become a veterinarian. She says she has always tried to help and save animals. It was something she knew she wanted to do at a very young age.
Her pets names are Athena, Ginger, and Buck.

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