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mindy rice
Lindsay came back to us after trying out a different profession but her love of animals drew her back. Lindsay is originally from Valdosta, GA. She attended Lowndes County High School. She enjoys relaxing and watching TV during her off hours. She lives at home with her 2 children and husband and her dog and two cats.

Patient Care Coordinators


Mindy joined the staff at Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in July, 2016. She lives with her husband and many pets, including geese and dogs.  While she's new to our practice, she isn't new to veterinary medicine.  She worked at a practice near Danville for over 10 years and was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the past.

She is originally from the Netherlands and speaks up to 5 languages. She moved to the states almost 30 years ago and considers this her home.     

lynsey stevens

Lynsey joined the staff at Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in September of 2011 while she was still a high school student at Southwestern.  During her time there she volunteered with the raptor rehabilitation center where she helped treat and rehabilitate injured raptors, such as eagles and owls and hawks.  After graduation she attended Kentucky State University for a couple of years before transferring to Somerset Community College.  She has several dogs but her primary companion is Sophie, who is a certified therapy dog and a member of the Love on a Leash program.  While Lynsey started working in our kennels, she is also trained to assist up front in reception as well as assisting the doctors during exams.  You may see her in any part of our hospital. 

Boarding Facilities Attendants
kaire coots
Kaire was born in Florida but raised in Kentucky.  She is a graduate of Pulaski County High School.  She is married with two children and two dogs and four cats.  She is one of five children herself, and she has always been interested in animals.  She feels the most important aspect of her job is helping clients understand the importance on preventative care to keep their pets healthy and happy.  Kaire joined Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in November of 2011.

lesley maloney


Brianna graduated from Pulaski County High School in 2006.She grew up on a farm where her mother had a grooming business. From a very young age she knew she wanted to work with animals.  Brianna started working for Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in March of 2008. Brianna has completed training with her dog Bailey, who became a certified therapy dog and a member of Love on a Leash. Her pet family includes 5 dogs, a cat and a horse. She recently added a cute little boy along with her husband to that mix and has been promoted to office manager.  

Office Manager

Lesley’s work has been significantly influenced by her journey starting as kennel help back in 1992.  She has been in the animal health field for 21 years and, a Veterinary Technician for 17 years. She lived in Northern California for six years, where she received her Certification in Equine Muscle Therapy.  She applied that certificate to help the race horses at Golden Gate Fields Race Track, where she also worked as a Tech. That journey led her to meet her husband with whom she has one daughter and  2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 fish.  Lesley joined the team at  Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital in April of 2010.

brianna goff